Who we are?

Our story 

Dear Visitor. We are a passionate group of researchers dealing with advanced manufacturing, material processing and material characterisation. But we also do not ignore the current challenges related to environmental situation, that challenges us to deliver new knowledge which can be key part of the jigsaw of activities that will help towards sustainable manufacturing and engineering.

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Jana Petrů

VŠB TU Ostrava

Jolanta Krolczyk

Opole University of Technology

Dáša Klichová

Institute of Geonics Ostrava

Frank Pude

Inspire ETH Zurich

Svetlana Radchenko

General Secretary

Sergej Hloch

Conference Chair

Ivana Jankurová

Atrium Hotel

Akash Nag

VŠB TU Ostrava

Lucia Vojteková

Ladislav Morovič